• Why Should We Learn English 不要轻易放弃。学习成长的路上,我们长路漫漫,只因学无止境。

          Today , more people speak English as their first , second or a foreign language than even before 。 But why should we learn English ?   万博体育因为有着最资深信息团购和活动而受到了大家的喜欢,万博娱乐是万博娱乐的简称也是大家很熟悉的一个称呼所在,万博滚球软件力求打造出全球第一的娱乐品牌,在万博滚球软件娱乐拥有各种球类游戏,万博体育为您提供百家乐真人娱乐等多种在线娱乐项目,最具娱乐性的平台之一.       First of all , world trade is done in English , and international organizations 《such as the 万博体育因为有着最资深信息团购和活动而受到了大家的喜欢,万博娱乐是万博娱乐的简称也是大家很熟悉的一个称呼所在,万博滚球软件力求打造出全球第一的娱乐品牌,在万博滚球软件娱乐拥有各种球类游戏,万博体育为您提供百家乐真人娱乐等多种在线娱乐项目,最具娱乐性的平台之一. UN》 use English 。         Secondly , we need to contact with the developed Western countries to build our country , and many developing countries also use English in their dealings 。          Thirdly ,most businessmen do not have time to learn new languages every time they enter a new international market 。         Finally , English is widely used thronghout the world 。 we can get very important information that is in English 。 It is the key to learning and communication 。          In order to access more knowledge of the world and communicate better with people abroad , we must have a good command of English 。 We must do our best to learn English well 。